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Feeling bored or guilty because you’re not living up to your full potential?

Perhaps you’re longing for more freedom or something more fulfilling in your life?

If you get so caught up in minutiae of your life that you forget to focus on what makes you feel happy and fulfilled—keep reading because there IS an answer. When you are chronically dissatisfied in your business and personal life, your income is adversely affected and so are your relationships and your health. My goal is to get you back on track baby!

The common definition of a mentor in the dictionary is “an experienced and trusted advisor.” My definition is a little different. I don’t tell you what to do. You’ve got enough people doing that already. And yet, you’re still here looking for that one thing, that magic pill that will change your life. Why? Because being told what to do simply isn’t working for you.

I’m Thomas Bähler, your Discovery Mentor.

Stick with me and I’ll guide you through my simple 4-step process to discovering what makes your heart sing with joy! I’ll empower you to go after that thing that energizes you. No playing small here—this is for people with big dreams! Go big or go home—right?

Maybe that’s because no one likes to be told what to do!

What I do, and my definition of a mentor goes a few steps further. I am an experienced and trusted guide helping you to discover that thing you would do that truly energizes you—so that you:

  • embrace it

  • own it and

  • are empowered to act on it

My dad empowered me to discover the answers myself when I was only 4 years old. Why did he do that? Because he understood that things you discover for yourself empower you far more than being told what to do.

Even if you feel trapped by your current circumstances, you deserve to feel fully alive and experience the peace and fulfillment that comes with doing what you love. Let’s get you unstuck and on a creative path toward whatever excites you!

As a music composer and producer, author and speaker, I am surrounded by inspiration and creativity. My heightened awareness and pleasure in teaching through stories is a breath of fresh air—a new perspective that will gently prod you in the direction of your juiciest goals.

If you’re tired of feeling dissatisfied, stuck and indecisive, I will guide you to:

1. Gain confidence

2. Achieve clarity

3. Act With Courage

4. Live With Certainity

so that you can live up to your full potential and manifest the life you’ve imagined, quickly and easily.

Nothing changes until you do!